*** Thanks for turning up for our gig at ELEMENTS *** We are set to play in December *** Check back for more details! ***

Claire's Flower Shop will be playing in the finals of JEMNATION a band competition! We got through 2 heats and the semi-finals and we're now in the finals! (duh)

It's going to be held this coming Sunday at 69 Circular Road in a pub called 'RAV'. In case you're wondering where that is, it's directly behind Boat Quay, literally the street behind Boat Quay. It's on the Harry's Pub side.

Event starts at 9pm! Cover charge is $10! Your vote will help our score! Thanks!

posted at 12:19 a.m.
Friday, June 25, 2004

Mucho Gracias 

Thank you all for turning up at yesterday's gig at ANA Hotel. If you didn't come make sure to come for our next show, keep checking back for more details of our next gig!

posted at 10:18 p.m.
Sunday, November 30, 2003


3 more days to the show, must come and support okay? :) See you there! Jenn will also be playing with Gloria and Liang with Recluse.

posted at 02:00 p.m.
Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Punk Rock Songs 

Jenn and I locked ourselves up in the FSV cage and tried writing a punk rock song armed with 2 acoustic guitars, a 8 track mixer and a 2 thousand dollar microphone. I must say, it didn't go so well... Heh.

BUT! But we are very determined to practise hard and put out a good show on the 29th! So please please do come and watch us? Gimme some comments too!


posted at 01:16 a.m.
Friday, November 7, 2003


Is there anything you wanna see on this blog but isn't here?

Are there any other local bands you can think of that should be linked but are not? Give us the url and we'll link it!

And as usual keep checking back to increase the hits :P and stay tuned to this blog for more information on our upcoming show(s)!


posted at 04:04 a.m.
Thursday, November 6, 2003

Upcoming Show at ELEMENTS 

Disregard this post, the gig is not confirmed, check back soon for more updates!

Heh, we gonna rock again! Info below...

.: 29th of November (SAT):.

.: ELEMENTS at the ANA Hotel :. (Across the road from Tanglin Mall)

.: Doors open at 6:30 PM :.

.: Entry fee is your lowest dollar, :. that means bring your $1 coins and notes, unless of course you're feeling rich!

Other bands that are playing:
Sky In Euphoria
Vertical Rush

And of course, Claire's Flower Shop! Bring your lowest dollar and come and watch all the acts tear the house down!


posted at 01:29 a.m.
Wednesday, November 5, 2003

The First Post 

Welcome to Claire's Flower Shop! You are the first few to view this! Yay! This will be our new online home for now. Keep coming back for more updates!

posted at 08:40 p.m.
Tuesday, November 4, 2003


Very Brief Bio

claire's flower shop is a 3 piece indierock band with jenn on bass/vocals, liang on guitar/vocals and jon on drums. we are going to be 2 years old soon, we just don't know when exactly.

jenn is married and working. liang is single and studying. jon is single and serving the nation. :)

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